Top Three games like Cub Penguin

Club Penguin has become a super hit amongst children. And not just little kids, but the older ones too have taken a liking to it. This game is a safe experience for children and most importantly it’s what games are supposed to be, fun! There is no violence and it’s free of adult content. And these kinds of games for children have become a sort of necessity. The internet has become a part of your daily life and it is flooded with online role playing games and so making a “for kids” game is but obvious. Club penguin provides that sort of a gaming environment that is conducive for children. But there are a few more games like club penguin. Keep reading to know more.

  1. Moshi monsters

This game is super cute. You have pet monsters that you can adopt and rear. It was designed for the 6- 14 years age group. After you get one of these virtual monsters to be your pet, you can go around Monstro City, collecting coins or the Rox currency, solving the daily puzzle and safe chat with your friends. It appeals to the lower age groups more. You can sell your items to other players for Rox. And if you look after your pet real good then you need to buy food, clothing and shelter for them. That means strong monster pets and better ability to go through Monstro city. This site also has a branded merchandise store.


  1. Neopets

This is a virtual pet website where players can create accounts, own virtual pets and buy items for their pets using the in- game currency called Neopoint. The website also sells Neopets merchandise that can be bought using real money. These pets are rather cute and puffy. And they can either be animated animals or weird looking aliens.


The game is set in Neopia and the objective is to make as much money as possible. You can adopt and tend to multiple pets. But you earn Neopoint through just one pet. And to earn Neopoint you have to take care of that pet by solving puzzles and playing games as you move through Neopia. This game also has the safe chat option that is common to both Club penguin and Moshi monsters.

  1. Habbo Hotel

It is a social game site mainly aimed at young teenagers. Teenagers can customize their avatar in any way and create an online personality. They can keep virtual pets, create guest rooms that they can furnish with ‘furni’, and buy items like food, clothing, music, games and other commercial items. The game is aimed at social chatting and parents can keep a tab on this through features in the game itself.


These games are all very similar and have designed for the same age group. If you have kids in that range, there is quite a lot of variety to choose from. Also since these games are very safe, your kid can choose by herself!

Coins for Change-Making difference by playing games

Coins for Change is back again fellow Penguins, but with a small twist. This is the sixth year in a row that Club Penguin is holding its Coins for Change campaign. Traditionally, fellow Penguins were encouraged to donate Coins. This year, Club Penguin is hosting the biggest and grandest bake sale ever!

This year, member penguins will be asked to Bake Cookies at the Bakery located at Snow Forts. After baking these cookies, members will be required to sell each cookie for 100 Coins. All sales proceeds will then go to Coins for Change. The event will commence in December and continue into January.

CFClogo-LIf you want to get a head start, head over to the Bakery, and select your favorite cookies from the catalogue. This option is available to both members and non-members. Each cookie has its own special qualities. There is however one restriction: Non members are only allowed to purchase the Toy Car cookie.  This will turn you into a race car for 10 minutes. Members on the other hand, may select from the Toy Car and or the Reindeer Puffle and or the Frost Bite Cookie.

After you have made your cookie selection, you will be redirected to the “Which Cause Would you Like To Donate To?” page. Here you will be given the option to select from any of the following worthwhile charities: Protect the Earth, Provide Medical Supplies or Build Safe Places. Upon making your selection, 100 Coins will be automatically donated to the charity of your choice. Then get ready for your Transformation!

If baking is not your forte, simply head over to Town, Plaza, Snow Forts, Ski Village, Cove, Dock and or Beach where you will find a Coins For Change booth. There you may conveniently select your charity and make your donation. Donations can range from as little as 100 coins up to 10, 000 coins. Apart from your donation making a difference, your generosity will also be rewarded. Members who have donated at least 100 Coins will receive an exclusive 2012 Coins For Change pin.


A special note about the cookies!
Members, you are urged to continue heading over to the bakery and baking those cookies. Otherwise we will be all out of cookies!

Those of you who are still sitting on the fence about donating, consider the impact charity has on our young generation. Not only does it teach children about the real meaning of Christmas, but also about thinking of those who are less fortunate than our selves. This will help to remove much of the consumerism that seems to surround Christmas today. It will also hopefully raise a generation of mature, responsible and charitable individuals.
If you are worried about where to acquire these virtual coins, you can do so simply by playing any of the online games. Helping others just got easier!

Coins for Change, is a worthwhile charity that attempts to support those who are less fortunate in our communities. So let us all get together and try to break last year’s record. Happy Giving Everyone!

What should you play? Club Penguin or Poptropica?

club penguinClub Penguin and Poptropica are both games that are designed for children in the age group of 6 years to 14 years. They are fun, non violent games. Club penguin was released in 2005 and Poptropica in 2007. They were initially designed for a target age group in mind, but have since their release has been applauded by people across age groups. Each game has more than 50 million registered users! Both games can be played for free also, but if you are looking for real fun in the games, a paid membership would be nice too. So if you are a little confused about what game to buy your kid, no one blames you. Keep reading to decide for yourself.

club penguin

Club Penguin

In this game, gamer’s role play in their cartoon penguin avatars and complete tasks or quests in a snow world. There are igloos, and dinosaurs and of course other penguins to deal with. This game has an altruistic edge too. The players can donate their coins for some real world charitable functions. The game is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

More about club penguin

You can customize both your avatar and your igloo in whatever way you want. You can choose pets and you have newspapers to read from. The pets are called Puffles that you must tend to and if they run away they need to be replaced. The newspaper is called the Club penguin Times and you can submit your own articles, jokes and poems there too. There are themed parties too that take place such as for Christmas and Halloween.


But the main focus of the game is to collect coins. You have to buy your avatar some cool stuff with that. These could be books, toys, eatables or any other items that you might want. There is an inbuilt chat system that lets gamers chat with each other using selected vocabulary from a drop down list. So that eliminates the use of swear words or anything remotely harmful.


The game is set in a series of islands. All players level up, newer islands are unlocked and there are newer features to deal with. It is similar to club penguin in terms of customizing the avatar or purchasing items from the Poptropica store. There are special powers with the avatars. And the game is played in a similar safe chat mode.

What sets this game part is that it is an educational game and you have to move levels by solving mini puzzles, riddles and putting together clues. Your kids exercise their mind in this game. The game is free from adult content and perfectly safe for playing by the little kids!


Our verdict

Poptropica is the educational game and helps with a lot of learning too. Also the graphics of this one are certainly better. If your kids want to try something fun, new, exciting and educational, then Poptropica is what you should be looking at!

You’re Invited To Club Penguin’s Exclusive Pre-Historic Party!

partyHey fellow Pengosaurs! Have you heard the latest news from Club Penguin Times newspaper? If you haven’t already heard, Club Penguin is hosting a Pre-historic Party. The event will be held on January 29, 2013. Members, both paid and free, are all invited to attend. Here’s your chance to catch up with your old Penguin buddies and also get acquainted with new members. To get all your questions answered about this happening event, read on!

Directions to the Party

First you need to log in to your account. After doing so, you will end up going back in time using the Time Trekker. This will land you right in the time of the dinosaurs. Of course this direct access is for Paid Membership only. But don’t fret, normal Club Penguin members are also welcome, they just have to take the longer route using the Time Trekker found at the Snow Forts!
Join Club PenguinParty Exclusives

Upon arriving at Club Penguin, you will realize that you are now in the company of dinosaurs. Club Penguin has been converted to a jungle. Here are some of events being held:

Digging for Eggs

Here’s your chance to awaken your inner-scientist! This Game is located around various parts of the Prehistoric Island. Your task will be to dig up twelve eggs on Club Penguin. If you happen to collect all twelve eggs, you will be rewarded with an exciting T-Rex Hoodie. Members get one other added benefit. You can use these eggs to transform into a Dinosaur.


Dress up as your favorite Dinosaur

Members now have the chance to dress up as their favorite dinosaur for the Prehistoric Party. All you have to do is click on the “Eggs Badge” located beside the “Moderator Badge” and then choose an egg to transform your account into a Dinosaur. Each type of Dinosaur will enable you to different actions such a Flying, Stomping, or Roaring.

Feed Dino

If you happen to be wearing some of the clothing from the Prehistoric Catalog, your account will automatically throw Dino Food as opposed to tossing Snowballs. There are Member and Non-Member Items available in the Prehistoric Catalog (located to the right of the Char Bar).The Prehistoric Party, which is quite different from any other party at Club Penguin. It will mark a great start to the New Year! Members will be psyched in their Dino getups!

club penguin

Prehistoric Emotes

By clicking on the “Emotes Icon” on the Penguin Chat Bar, members can take advantage of exclusive Prehistoric Emoticons starting now until January 29th.

Rockhopper’s Treasure Hunt

Members have the chance to dig for treasure or be part of scientific digs.


At the Prehistoric Party, Club Penguin has organized a catalog full of items themed for this party. They are available for purchase. Make sure you have all your virtual coins saved up for this shopping fest!

So with just four days to go, make sure you mark this upcoming event on your calendars.

Club Penguin and the joining formalities

joinourcommunityNo don’t get it wrong! There are no joining formalities as such, but just the steps that will tell you how to join club penguin and how to get a free membership. But let’s start from the beginning. For those that are new to club penguin, it is an online game designed for kids aged 6- 14 years. It is a safe game in the sense that it has no violence, no adult stuff and follows a safe chat mode. Quite for the kids you see. This game is when your kid has a penguin like avatar that lives and completes tasks in a snow world. It’s where penguins live. All white ice and snow! There are igloos, and snow pets called Puffles. So quite interesting!

But the fun part is that it has hit it off with people across age groups. Keep reading to know how you can become a part of this as well.

How to join club penguin?

  1. Visit the club penguin website and explore it by yourself. You will find options where there will be sign up options. You can either join as a free member or purchase a paid membership. If you are a parent and are thinking for some cute games for your kids, then there is a parent option on the website that will broadly tell you what the game will entail. That will help you make a better decision.

  2. When you decide to start playing, you will come across a “create penguin” option. This will customize your avatar. Make up a name for your penguin, select a color and carry on. Next read up the rules for joining the club. These rules will just tell you where you can collect which item and what to do when you come in contact with another penguin and the like.

  3. If you are creating an account for your child then you can use your email ID for the correspondence from the site. That will activate the account and you can set limits on how your kid will communicate with other penguins.

After you are done with the Terms & Conditions and agree to sign up, there will be options for both a free and a paid membership. If you click on “Play Now”, that activates the free membership. Of course you can upgrade later on. Similarly, if you are comfortable with the game, you can pay and start from Day One itself. To be on the safe side, you could try out the free membership for a couple of weeks and then if your kid enjoys it, upgrade to the paid version.

Truth be told this game is more fun if you are a paid member, since that will give you the means to purchase items from the club penguin store. The objective of the game is to collect coins and then purchase stuff. There are various payment options such as monthly, biannually and annually that you may avail. You can pay using PayPal, credit card or net banking.

All about Club Penguin Cheat Codes

club penguinClub Penguin is a multi player online game that was launched in 2005. And ever since then it has quite hit it off with gamers. You choose penguin avatars for you and play in a snow filled winter world, virtual of course. This game was designed for 6 to 14 year olds and has found takers across age groups. The game allows free memberships but paid memberships are the norm if you really want to enjoy the game. This game is competitive and you will keep going back to it again and again to get those coins or books or toys. Its fun in short and you should definitely give it a try.

Rules for using these codes

  1. These codes can be used once per account and
  2. You can use them even if you have free membership

For those of you that have been playing this game for some time now, keep reading to get your hands on some cheat codes that will help you make points and collect items rather easily! You can use Club Penguin codes to unlock items and coins. These codes are available for free. They have been divided into two types. One is the Club Penguin item codes and the other is the club penguin coin codes. All codes are verified and do necessarily work.

An instance of the Club Penguin Item Codes is the Club penguin book codes. Here’s how to use them. After you log in to the Club penguin home page, click on “unlock items online” and choose the penguin avatar that you want items added to. Then enter the code that you have found out and unlock those items! It’s free. All you need to do is some little bit of internet surfing for the codes. The club penguin coin codes will be used to unlock coins and the same rules apply for this too. There are other kinds of cheat codes too.


Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats

Yes, this patch has been released! Go back in time to the Snow Forts and from there into the Time Trekker machine. Finally you get to reach the pre- historic party. There are a lot many interesting additions to this new release and the cheat codes will really help you enjoy this better. These codes will help you track Gary, transform into a dinosaur and collect a lot of things for your penguin avatar.

This game is quite easy too. In the pre- historic party you will realize that the island has been decorated and a lot many items have been added. Well the objective is to unearth 12 dinosaur eggs from the island. They are hidden in dirt piles and the like and you will have to shovel them out. After you get them, you get a dinosaur hoodie and other things to decorate igloos and transform into another dinosaur.

This is a fun game. And before you move onto the paid membership, try the free one first!