All about Club Penguin Cheat Codes

club penguinClub Penguin is a multi player online game that was launched in 2005. And ever since then it has quite hit it off with gamers. You choose penguin avatars for you and play in a snow filled winter world, virtual of course. This game was designed for 6 to 14 year olds and has found takers across age groups. The game allows free memberships but paid memberships are the norm if you really want to enjoy the game. This game is competitive and you will keep going back to it again and again to get those coins or books or toys. Its fun in short and you should definitely give it a try.

Rules for using these codes

  1. These codes can be used once per account and
  2. You can use them even if you have free membership

For those of you that have been playing this game for some time now, keep reading to get your hands on some cheat codes that will help you make points and collect items rather easily! You can use Club Penguin codes to unlock items and coins. These codes are available for free. They have been divided into two types. One is the Club Penguin item codes and the other is the club penguin coin codes. All codes are verified and do necessarily work.

An instance of the Club Penguin Item Codes is the Club penguin book codes. Here’s how to use them. After you log in to the Club penguin home page, click on “unlock items online” and choose the penguin avatar that you want items added to. Then enter the code that you have found out and unlock those items! It’s free. All you need to do is some little bit of internet surfing for the codes. The club penguin coin codes will be used to unlock coins and the same rules apply for this too. There are other kinds of cheat codes too.


Club Penguin Prehistoric Party 2013 Cheats

Yes, this patch has been released! Go back in time to the Snow Forts and from there into the Time Trekker machine. Finally you get to reach the pre- historic party. There are a lot many interesting additions to this new release and the cheat codes will really help you enjoy this better. These codes will help you track Gary, transform into a dinosaur and collect a lot of things for your penguin avatar.

This game is quite easy too. In the pre- historic party you will realize that the island has been decorated and a lot many items have been added. Well the objective is to unearth 12 dinosaur eggs from the island. They are hidden in dirt piles and the like and you will have to shovel them out. After you get them, you get a dinosaur hoodie and other things to decorate igloos and transform into another dinosaur.

This is a fun game. And before you move onto the paid membership, try the free one first!